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Trauma Kits

Provide trauma kits for every officer.

Equipment Funding

Purchased 2 WRAP (safe restraint devices). Purchased helmets & carrying bags for officers.

Providing Meals

We provide meals for on-duty BPD employees on special occasions such as holidays and National Police week.

Scholarship Program

2 scholarships offered annually.

Officer/Family Support

In the occurrence of a BPD employee family member’s passing, BPF donates to the family’s chosen organization in memory of their loved one.

Facility Upgrades

Funded a fitness room expansion construction. Furnished a relaxation room for BPD employees.

Scholarship Program

  1. BISD zoned graduating senior enrolling in the Texas college/university of their choice and majoring in Criminal Justice/law enforcement.
  2. BPD employee child/dependent graduating senior.


protecting and serving the community

All programs and services are supported by the generosity of our community partners. One-time and recurring donations are accepted via PayPal, Venmo & Amazon Smile. We hold annual events and participate in local outreach to help support our cause.