Joining Belton Police Foundation

How to Become a Member

Graduates of Belton Citizen’s Police Academy may join by paying annual membership dues. New graduates of the Belton CPA get the first year of membership at no cost to them. Full membership includes voting rights, committee opportunities and may be elected to office for Board of Directors.

Honorary Members

A person or business may become an honorary BPF member by donating the following amounts (per year):

  • Platinum Member – $500+
  • Gold Member – $250+
  • Silver Member – $100+
  • Bronze Member – $50+

*Honorary members shall not be eligible to hold office or vote and would not be able to participate in any CHIPS activities without completing the CPA course. 

Our Mission

The Belton Police Foundation funds essential equipment and programs for the Belton Police Department which are not included in the city budget.

Belton Police Foundation

Board of Directors

Charisse Bennett


James Proctor

Vice President

Roxanne Sanders


Don Wyatt


Charlie Mogab

Assistant Treasurer

Anita Wyatt


Mindy Moore


Debbie Smith

Membership Director

Bill Owings

Fundraising Director

Laura Hutchens

Events Director

Candice Griffin

BPD Liaison

Ann Locklin

CHIPS Liaison

Belton Police Foundation

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